From the Indian Couture

  • Ramadan and Eid- Festivities, Fasting, and Traditions

    Ramadan 2018- It will begin on the evening of Tuesday, 15 May, and will end on the evening of Thursday, June 14. (Although the final dates are still awaited)

    This is the first time in 18 years when the fasting time will be longer at the end than in beginning as it will happen before summer solstice (the longest day.)

  • Your Indian Wedding Dress

    Indian dresses become fashion centerpieces during weddings. Celebrating a typical Indian wedding will often stretch over a week. There is lot of interaction and catching up while celebrating the union of marriage. It is a dazzling display of culture and fashion by both the celebrants and those attending the wedding festivities.

  • Sarees of the Indian Fashion Scene

    The Sub-continent is a melting pot of different religions, cultural traditions, ethnicities and climatic conditions. Not only is it home to over sixteen percent of the world’s population, it also has a very rich history. Fashion plays a major role in this history and it’s documented as early as 400 B.C when gods bestowed Sarees as gifts. The fashion then mingled with great Greek explorers from as early as the 1st century A.D and later on with other western cultures. This merger has created a new trendy urban chick look yet retaining its subtle Indian heritage.

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