Your Indian Wedding Dress

  • Posted on 2018-03-23 09:01:15
  • By: Indian Couture

Indian dresses become fashion centerpieces during weddings. Celebrating a typical Indian wedding will often stretch over a week. There is lot of interaction and catching up while celebrating the union of marriage. It is a dazzling display of culture and fashion by both the celebrants and those attending the wedding festivities.

Every lady wants to have a great fashionable look and fit in well at the wedding. There are plenty of options when it comes to the materials, styles and quality that people want for their Indian wedding dresses. Here is a simple guide on how the bride and other ladies attending an Indian wedding should go about choosing what to wear.

Bridal Lehengas

Today in India, it is increasingly fashionable on the wedding night for brides to wear bridal lehengas. The brides look graceful, poised and show off their individual fashion tastes. All eyes are on the bride, so she must look her best.

Lehengas take on many styles and designs. They offer a vibrant splash of color to enhance the festive mood or evoke feelings of unique joy only felt on one’s wedding day. You can easily achieve the gorgeous look that you are looking for because Indian fashion has enough stunning options to choose from when deciding on the bridal lehenga you want to wear.

A lot of thought goes into choosing the right Indian wedding dress, brides will have often thought about what they will wear on their special occasion since their younger days. The attire they are in must reflect and enhance their beauty and grace.  A bridal lehenga works well with embroidery on it. The detail and quality is of the utmost importance.

It is possible to hire a bridal lehengas, but it’s advisable to buy and keep it as they will hold special memories for you throughout your marriage, and you could wear it on other important social occasions too.

Lehenga Cholis

Lehenga cholis find their way into Indian wedding dresses by two methods. First, is by being on brides who wear lehengas on their wedding day. The second is by being on guests who show up to join in celebrating the auspicious occasion.

For the bride, a stylish look is the lehenga arms terminating at the fingers and with excellent grips. Your veil and other accessories will make it a stylish modern look. You might want to explore a choli with an open back or one that greatly accentuating your waist. With these options in mind, make a selection from the wide range of choli designs before settling on a final one.

The lehenga and choli best bring out your desired look when they complement each other. The way is usually led by the lehenga you are sporting. Your lehenga choli selection follows after you have settled on the lehenga you will be using. The choli can also help you bring in jewels and other accessories into the look.

Brides are allowed to be vogue with bridal lehengas as they celebrate this special time. High quality fabrics are the best as you seek to match your personality. Indian fashion has undergone changes and today incorporates some western trends.

Feel free to experiment with your Lehenga and Choli, be it bridal or just for attending weddings.  Fashion is at your disposal, for both the bride and ladies in their varying ages. Indian wedding dresses are about elegance, detail and simplicity. Let your lehenga bring out your fashion taste and global exposure.

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